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The Story

Baltimore-based Conceptionista Sarah Simington has traveled the country honing her craft. In 1996 Sarah, and her mother Sherri- a diner veteran, opened acclaimed The Blue Moon Cafe in the historic Fells Point area of Baltimore, Maryland. Sarah's personal style is in every corner of The Blue Moon Cafe. From the bright and funky artwork, to the music; you know Sarah's rock and roll attitude goes into every bite of her food.

Driven by the passion she has for mixing people and food, Sarah strives for every bite to invoke discovery and playfulness for anyone that tackles her signature breakfast. Adventurous as they may be, Blue Moon diners agree that you don't have to be a kid to get excited about diving in to her now-famous Captain Crunch French Toast.

Sarah's love of food as a means of a personal connection comes from watching her mother serve up some of the country's best diner food. Sarah's classic diner exposure gave her a love for breakfast food, which is, as everyone knows, the most important meal of the day!

The Menu

The Travels

Owner of The Blue Moon Cafe, Sarah Simington is a true force to be recognized both in the kitchen, and in every day life. Sarah's efforts to give back is evident, and she's determined to connect to others while sharing her true passion for life, love and comfort food. Even more so after she had been selected in April of 2011 to represent the America's Chefs program.

Thanks to the support of America's Chefs, Sarah is able bring her rock and roll food experience to the US Troops on a culinary entertainment tour with the US Navy in the Mediterranean.

With Food Network Chefs like Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence, Hodad, & Stretch, supporting the program, Sarah just had to give this tour a healthy dose of Baltimore, along with her Blue Moon Cafe spirit.

Sarah began this mission in May of 2011 when she shipped off for her first America's Chefs Tour, visiting various Military bases around Europe. Be sure to keep checking back to see what travel adventure is next for Sarah, and The Blue Moon Cafe!

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Blue Moon Cafe OPEN DAILY 7AM - 3PM / WEEKENDS 24 HOURS | 1621 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 | 410-522-3940

Blue Moon Too OPEN DAILY AND WEEKENDS 7AM - 3PM | 1024 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 | 443-759-4907

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